Sunday, February 19, 2012

I really hate it when I see photos of me months ago. I really gained a lot :(  This makes me feel so furious and disappointed about myself. I really lost focus and discipline in eating and getting some exercise which i imposed to myself 3 months ago. ahhh! this sucks.

So now, i set a rule which I think is a lot easier for me to focus on. You see, I actually did make plans but I didn't organized it back then. So now I made some rules for me to take.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are no rice day. Yes, I really can't control my rice intake. I'm a guy and its natural for me to have a loadful of rice for just a single bite of adobo or something. And the fact that I really want it makes me really more to not control myself. So there, 3 days in a week that there will be no rice!

Tuesday and Thursday are jog day. I think I will have to take atleast 5 rounds around the oval. Strictly brisk walking when walking! And these days will be my carbo-loading day! So it would just be okay. Dito ako babawi sa no-rice MWF ko.

Saturdays and Sundays will be my super hydrate day. I will hav to consume a looooooot of water in these days. This not only will make me hydrate and keep my internals clean, but also will make me feel busog and eventually, will eat less than usual :)

So there! Hope masusunod lahat! <fingers-crossed>